Apr 19.15
Facebook WTF
| 4233 clicks
Most Asked Question In Any Situation
What Does It Mean

Apr 19.15
What A Night!
| 33472 clicks

Apr 19.15
How To Choose The Best Airlines To Fly
| 4513 clicks
The Only Way To Fly. This Is Definitely What They Were Referring To When They Said, "Fly The Friendly Skies"

Apr 19.15
Craziest Ad You Ever Saw In Life-
| 2278 clicks
Yes It Is But Somehow You Won't Believe It Until You See It..Then You Will Be Like...
"This Is The Craziest Ad I've Ever Seen!!*

Apr 18.15
Half Naked Crazy Lady Spotted Standing On Top Of Payphone
| 62095 clicks

Apr 18.15
Joke Breast
| 24015 clicks

Apr 18.15
Get Revenge On Your Girlfriend
| 4203 clicks
Send In The Scary Clown

Apr 18.15
Snap Crackle WTF
| 3652 clicks
Now What Is In That Cereal That Makes This Guy Run For The Hills

Apr 18.15
How To Shoot A Rifle 101
| 2999 clicks
Somethings In Life You Just Have To Learn By (Bad)Experience

Apr 17.15
Hooters Girl
| 73588 clicks

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